Pet Care Rules every Pet Parent should Live by

As a pet parent,one of your priorities is to keep you fur baby well and healthy. Being busy with work and family life,however,may take a toll on how you take good care of your pet. Nevertheless,the love and affection from your pet will always remind you of your responsibilities to them. Here are some pet care tips to remind you of your duties.

Take them to the vet regularly

There is no better way to check your pet’s health than taking them to the veterinarian regularly. Do this one or twice every year or according to their vaccination schedule. Find a vet near you that would be a good fit for your furry baby.

Follow their immunization schedule

Aside from regular checkups,vaccination is another important aspect you must keep in mind as a responsible pet owner. They should receive vaccine shots to protect them from potential diseases including rabies,Lyme disease,and more. Cats should receive vaccines to prevent feline leukemia and feline herpes virus.

Watch their diet

According to the Canadian Animal Health Institute,50% of pet dogs and cats are obese or overweight. This is why you must have control over how much they eat and not be swayed by those poor puppy eyes. Use a kitchen scale in portioning your pet food in grams,rather than scoops. This way,you have better idea of how much you should provide your friend each meal.

Give them the right supplements

Vitamins are important to keep your pets in good health. Look for registered brands and buy only from licensed suppliers. When looking for pet medications such as insulin and antibiotics or even the best hemp oil for pets,always consult your vet.

Follow these pet care tips to keep your dogs or cats healthy and happy. As a responsible pet parent,you know that there is nothing more precious than receiving unconditional love from your fur baby.

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